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Half of Afghan media outlets stop operations since last year


Kabul: The 21st of November coincides with the World Television Day, but this day comes while most of the visual media in Afghanistan are facing economic problems.

The organization supporting the free media in Afghanistan (NAI) has published a statement on the occasion of this day and said that in the last year, 50% of television broadcasts in the country have been stopped due to economic problems.

The source adds that during this period, 48 percent of radios and almost all of print media in Afghanistan have stopped working.

Meanwhile the Afghan Independent Journalists Association (AIJA) has said in an announcement that during the past year the, the publications of 54 media were stopped and 1724 people were unemployed.

According AIJA there are currently 83 private, national and local TV stations, broadcasting in Afghanistan, 20 of which are in Kabul and 63 of them are broadcasting in other provinces of Afghanistan.

Political pressures, lack of financial support for the media and reducing commercial announcements are considered to be the main reasons for the media cessations in the country.

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