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Having to pay bribe, inmates denied jail release amid virus

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KABUL: Inmates in Parwan province prison say that jailors demand bribe to sign their freedom documents, despite a presidential decree that allows them leave jails because of the fear of Corona virus.
Some 500 prisoners who enjoy the presidential order for freedom, said Monday that their jailors ask them to give 30,000 Afs each so that their freedom documents are signed.
President Ghani ordered the freedom of 10,000 inmates across the country since the Corona virus outbreak threatens Afghanistan.
More than 650 people are infected with the virus and around 20 have died.
Shafiq who uses alias is an inmate in Parwan jail, serving 20 months. He is included presidential order for release, but says that he is still locked up as he is unable to pay the bribe.
“The jailors and judiciary officers want us to give 30,000 Afs each to get released,” he said, adding that 500 prisoners have gone to hunger strike in protest of the jailors and judicial officers’ illegal demand.
But the attorney general office says that they have so far freed 5,000 inmates transparently.
Shah Wali Shahed, deputy provincial governor, confirmed the hunger strike by the prisoners, saying that he met with them and they asked justice.
He said that the protestor inmates had committed crimes such as murder, abduction, corruption and violence against women, so the local judiciary was not authorized to make decision about them.
Jamshid Rasouli, spokesman at the attorney general office confirms problems relating the prisoner release, asking them to contact the office for their problems.
According to local officials, 65 inmates including women and children from the juvenile center had been released in Parwan province.

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