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Health Ministry’s employee convicted in huge bribery scandal

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KABUL: A cashier of the Ministry of Public Health was arrested on Tuesday on charges of a huge bribery scheme, Attorney General Office said, a scandal that uncovers corruption and administrative disarray in the government.

The corruption involved more than $80,000 in bribe that a warehouse manager of the Ministry of Public Health solicited and received from a private company selling medical protective gear to doctors and the health ministry itself.

Prosecutors allege that they had found him red-handed while receiving $30,000 in bribe from the same sales company. He was found guilty in presence of a health ministry representative. The convict is a key employee of the ministry with access to the warehouse of medical equipment which have been donated by the WHO, China and other countries.

Prosecutors are also pressing another charge against the convict, saying he resold purchased medical equipment to private companies.

Head of Attorney Control Office, Mohammad Nawab Ahmadzai said that the detainee had asked for $300,000 dollar bribe from the company but after negotiations he agreed to accept 80,000 dollar bribe.

The Attorney General Office said the investigation has been started and that there is enough evidence for his accusation. He has acknowledged his guilt in the initial investigation, Ahmadzai said.

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