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Health sector lost public trust due to corruption: Survey

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC) said in a report that health sector had lost people’s trust and donors due to corruption.

The MEC and ministry of public health have carried out a survey, interviewing people in Kabul and 12 provinces.

“Survey reveals that corruption exists extensively in the health ministry, and the MEC presented recommendations to the ministry to address the issues,” said Technical Advisor of the Survey Matthew Rodieck.

He said that lack of information regarding policies, no exact assessment about contracts, graft in food, medicine and fuel, misusing ambulances, duties and health equipment and institutions are the common challenge in the health sector interviewees complained.

Discrimination with patient in health sectors, double behave of doctors with patient, nepotism in hiring of staffs were other problems caused decrease of people and donor trust over health sector.

Member of MEC Slagjana Taseva said that after monitoring and assessment MEC presented 115 recommendation address issues in systematic, leadership and integrity aspect in health sector.

She said that the MEC already submitted recombination to different governmental organs in the past years but not followed properly.

“This is a new initiative that the MoPH itself request MEC to assess and observe corruption issues and present recommendations,” she added.

Minister of Public Health Ferozudin Feroz while committing to follow recommendation and address corruption challenges, said that “in order to fight better corruption MoPH requested MEC to evaluate health sector.”

He said that although different steps have been hold by MoPH, but MEC recombination will help health sector to move toward better combat against corruption.

Till date, 64 dossiers of corrupt people submitted to attorney office by ministry, he insisted.

Pointing to empty vacant in the ministry of public health, minister said that out of 2000 empty vacant, 1700 posts were filled all ready, only 300 remained empty which belongs for female in the provinces.

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