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Heart of Asia Conference begins ninth session in Tajikistan

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KABUL: The Heart of Asia conference began its ninth session on Monday in the Tajikistan’s capital of Dushanbe, with participants scheduled to discuss Afghan peace efforts and a regional consensus in this regard.

Mirwais Naab, deputy foreign minister, called on the regional states to work on cease fire in Afghanistan.

“International terrorist groups and drug traders seriously harm the peace efforts. I would like to call on all regional and international colleagues especially those influential on Taliban to work on a lasting cease fire in Afghanistan and meaningful negotiations,” Naab said Monday at the opening of the conference.

“Peace will last long only when the peace talks focus on an independent, united and democratic Afghanistan where all Afghans men, women, youth and minorities see themselves in decision making.”

Naab said that Afghanistan can pave the ground for a new horizon of connectivity in the region and economic expansion.

Khosrow Nazeri, Tajikistan deputy foreign minister said that the region supports Afghan peace process.

“From our viewpoint, long lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan needs real assistance to remove economic and social problems,” Nazeri said.

“We ask the government of Afghanistan and Taliban to continue negotiations for national reconciliation. Tajikistan and regional colleagues support a productive intra-Afghan dialogue.”

The Heart of Asia conference will continue today (Tuesday) for the second day with presence of Afghan and Tajik presidents.

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