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Hekmatyar seeks interim govt. to organize “Runoff Voting”

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KABUL: The presidential hopeful and leader of a political party, (Hezb-e-Islami), Gulbadin Hekmatyar on Sunday called for the formation of an interim government to manage the probable next round of presidential election.

He said the election would go for the second round if the number of the participants were around 1.5 million.

This is as every aspect in the country is currently waiting for the announcement of the election results, but the situation looks like nobody would accept the fate of September 28th polls.   

Hekmatyar claimed that millions of dollars have been spent by a certain candidates and that one million non-biometric votes have been casted in favored of specific electoral team.

He predicted the number of voters as around 1.5 millions, saying that in accordance to the number of the participants, there would be no winner in the first round.

Hekmatyar insisted that the totally announcement of votes would be not acceptable for him and that the results should be announced in accordance to the local centers’ bullet boxes.

He also criticized the foreign diplomats for visiting the election commissions.

Hekmatyar called on the election commissions to pay serious attention regarding fraudulence and corruption in the counting process of election.

To defend from his votes, Hekmatyar once again warned that he would go to the battlefield if needed.

The Afghan presidential election was held among rising violence and conflicts in the country in September 28th. The Taliban group has warned the people to stay home and do not take part in the process but thousands of people from across the country have dared to make a crucial rule regarding the destiny and fate of their country.

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