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Hekmatyar slams “warmongers”

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The leader of Hezb-e-Islami, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has once again hit out all the parties of the ongoing bloody insurgency calling them warmongers fueling war in the country for the interests of foreigners.

Hekmatyar slammed war-parties during a meeting at his residence in Kabul, held with the Jihadi leaders and tribal elders from the northern Kunduz province.

He said those parties plotting insurgency in Kunduz province and other parts of the country have been instrumentalized for foreign interests. Hekmatyar claimed the warmongers have been lost their credibility and support among the cadres of public masses, adding, the Afghan nation would never put weight behind them. He did not spoke in detail regarding any specific militant group, individuals or states involved in war in the country, but in past Hekmatyar has severally condemned and harshly criticized the Taliban-led insurgency, other militant groups and illegal armed individuals in the country.

Hekmatyar after joining the peace process in September last year under the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned national reconciliation negotiations with the Afghan government has been engaged in organizing party structure to take active part in national politics and upcoming electoral process. Besides Hekmatyar and some other individuals from Taliban, the High Peace Council has not yet reached any significant result with militant groups. The Unity Government leadership has repeatedly called on Taliban groups to lay down arms and enter the peace process by taking advantage of the opportunity to them or face defeat and death. Post-Trump strategy on Afghanistan and South Asia which treated Pakistan as enemy, Washington has decided to work with Pakistan for one more time. On the other hand, the US administration has allowed US troops in the country to take direct part with the Afghan National and Defense Forces in conducting military operations against militant groups across the country. The US Air Force would also provide required support to the ground forces. Keeping in the prevailing situations in the country and around the globe, the country is needed of national consensus and solidarity to overcome challenges and bring durable peace and stability in the war-hit country.

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