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Hekmatyar to Taliban: Turkey Conference key to discuss peace

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KABUL: Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, leader of Hezb-e-Islami (Islamic Party) has called on the Taliban to attend the upcoming meeting in Turkey to discuss peace ways in Afghanistan. Hekamtyar has said Taliban should use the meeting as an opportunity.

He said Saturday that if Taliban really want to bring peace to Afghanistan, they should not cut ties with the people of Afghanistan and continue negotiations.

The leader of Hezb-e-Islami said that Taliban have passed talks with Americans and there is nothing to justify in cutting talks with the people of their country.

He warned that cutting negotiations was not in Taliban’s favor as it would make negative opinion in Afghanistan and in the world against the militant group.

Hekmatyar said if Taliban have strong reasons for their instance, they could share them with the “other side” in the Turkey meeting, because one with strong reasons, does not fear from negotiations.

He said that the delay in the US withdrawal was not for logistic reasons, but there are political reasons behind that have been so far kept hidden from the people of Afghanistan and the rival states.

Hekmatyar called the US troop pullout date (September 11) as a progress, but said the “one-sided decision” was against the Qatar peace deal with the Taliban and that would not help to resolve crisis in Afghanistan.

The US President Joe Biden said this week that he would call all his troops back from Afghanistan by September 11. The NATO member states who have troops in the war-hit country also announced withdrawal along with Washington.

Taliban reacted to the announcement, urging the withdrawal should take place on May 1 as agreed in the peace deal signed in February 2020.

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