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Helmand governor urges tougher anti-terror measures amid campaign season

KABUL: Helmand’s acting governor has urged Afghan forces to foster security in the southern province in a bid to facilitate a smooth campaign for election contenders.

A statement carried by Helmand governor’s office, acting Governor Mujahidullah Safari in a meeting with candidates insisted on reinforcement of security during the days of election campaigning. He also contended that campaigning maneuvers in the province must be carried out in accordance with the law.

Safari encouraged the visiting contenders to arrange their campaigns in coordination with security forces.

Regarding the encumbrances, the election campaigns have brought out, he slandered certain candidates who have blocked roads for their campaigns and argued that nobody had the right to cordon off roads and cause people nuisance.

He urged the candidates to contact security forces should they encounter any problem in order to have them addressed promptly.

Afterwards, candidates in chorus expressed their dissatisfaction over certain problems. They said their campaign posters and banners are torn by hooligans, urging relevant government agencies to take measures to address that issue.

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