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Helmand sit-in demands halt to state-sponsored terrorism

AT-KABUL: Residents of southern Helmand province including men and women have staged a sit-in in Lashkargah city to seek an end to Pakistan’s sponsoring of terrorism.

Following a deadly suicide car bombing in the premises of Ayub Khan Stadium, happened on Saturday in which at least 16 compatriots were martyred and 50 others sustained injuries, a sit-in has been set up since Monday. The sit-in was joined by a large number of women, after holding a peace rally on Tuesday in the capital city.

According to the decision taken by women activists, the peace rally would be extended to the strongholds of Taliban militants in the province to oppose terrorism and appeal them to join the Afghan-led peace process.

“We are suffering because of violence and war,” said Hasina Ehsas, a female activist in Helmand, adding “We have lost our relatives and we are standing alongside our brothers in this movement.”

Mourning on the human casualties of her relatives, Shazia, an active activist said, “We want peace in our province and our country.” She called on Taliban to shun violence and be peaceful citizens.

Highlighting foreign conspiracies, Zarghona, one among the protesters emphasized on Taliban and the government to be vigilant and establish durable peace and stability through Afghan-led peace process.

“We are happy if peace comes and both sides stop the bloodshed because this war is not our war; it belongs to other countries. Our homes and properties have been destroyed,” Zarghona said.

Moreover, Wak Anara, a resident of the province said if someone wants war, then they must go and fight foreigners, waging war and terrorism on Afghanistan.

“Stop making us widows and making us cry over the death of our children,” she said.

Following the Pashtun Long March in Pakistan, Afghans across the country have risen against state sponsored terrorism and launched peaceful protests in Paktia, Nangarhar, Kandahar and Kunar provinces and staged sit-in in capital Kabul and Lashkargah city of southern Helmand province to reject terrorism and support peace and progress for all Afghans—across the board.

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