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Herat female entrepreneur creates jobs for 100 locals


Kabul: A woman in Herat province has created a carpet weaving and sewing workshop for more than a hundred other women with her personal investment.

In this workshop, some women are working and others are learning carpet weaving and sewing.

Zainab Firouzi, the person in charge of this workshop, said that she is trying to support poor and homeless women.

“The environment here is completely female, this is a good environment for women to earn the family’s expenses,” she told to the Etilaat Roz newspaper.

According to Mrs. Ferozi, women working in this workshop receive a monthly salary of 3 to 4,500 Afghanis.

Mrs. Firouzi added that the restriction on women’s employment made her act in order to provide work for women.

In her workshop, 50 women work in the carpet weaving department and 60 women work in the sewing department.

A number of women working in this workshop say that this work is a source of income for them.

They ask the organizations to support women and increase job opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

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