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Herat will become insecure within weeks if govt keep looking the other way: Ismail Khan

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Mohammad Ismail Khan, the former minister of energy and water and a prominent Jihadi leader has warned that insecurity will increase unprecedentedly in western Herat province within upcoming 20 days due to inattention government leaders on security situation countrywide.

Ismail Khan expressed the remarks at a session in Herat city on Tuesday which celebrated the 23rd anniversary of Mujahideen’s victory against the then USSR.

Ismail Khan has several times criticized the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders for inattention and inefficiency towards the people of Afghanistan. He has said in his interviews with local TV channels in Kabul and Herat that the process of naming and selecting nominee-ministers for the new cabinet will lead the country towards insecurity and another crisis.

On Tuesday, he once again told the session in Herat that he was concerned about security situation in the country. He warned that insecurity will surge in Herat unprecedentedly in upcoming 20 days, and that the government will be blamed for it because of its carelessness on security situation countrywide.

He called on Mujahideen to come together for confronting the self-proclaimed Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group, for saving Afghanistan and for putting a full stop to insecurity in the country.

However, Major General Taj Mohammad Jahid, the commander of Zafar 207 Unit of the Afghan National Army (ANA) in western zone, assured that anti-government elements have no capability to fight the security forces in the western zone.

He told the session that people should not have any tension about extension of war and conflict to the western province because the security forces are well capable of foiling any kind of attack by militants.

Remarks and concerns of the former Mohammad Ismail Khan about presence of Daesh in Afghanistan are not new; the prominent Jihadi leader has mentioned this issue several times. However the remarks have been rejected by security officials in Herat.

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