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Herati farmers fear drought as rainfalls drop significantly

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KABUL: Officials in the western Herat province have warned of severe drought challenges in the ongoing year as rainfalls have vastly dropped across the province.

Head of provincial agricultural department, Bashir Ahmad Ahmadi said that the reduction in precipitation rate would pose serious drought challenges for agriculture and corps.

Last year, according to Ahmadi, the rate of precipitation was around 200 millimeters but this year the rate dropped to 69 millimeters.

Over 200,000 hectares of rainwater harvest land would not produce crops, Ahmadi said, adding that the government is trying to provide irrigation systems to these areas via Salma Dam.

Provincial farmers also expressed concerns on drought challenges, saying that the crops have been spoiled due to lack of enough irrigational water.

Herat Governor, Sayed Abdul Wahid Qatali said that the government planned some projects to bring changes in the irrigation system in the province.

He said that the agriculture projects would decrease the farmers’ reliance on rainwater harvest.

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