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Heratis are not observing lockdown advice

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KABUL: Herat, the western province of Afghanistan – thus far recorded the high number of positive covid-19 cases – has been lockdown since week to avoid the further spread of the virus. Despite high number of cases, the provincial residents have been ignoring the health caring measures and coming out on the streets for the unnecessary needs. 

An Afghan TV Channel “TOLO News” has pictured the provincial capital city which shows that many private cars and taxies are still riding on the streets and the city is still witnessing a bunch of crowds and traffic jams. However the provincial security officials have suspended the commuting of private cars since coronavirus spread its wings across the city.

Herat, bordering with Iran has recorded the first coronavirus case in the country. Of 996 coronavirus patients, over 400 of them have been registered in Herat.

Health officials warned that if the social distance and precautionary measures are not being observed among people, the virus can turn into a widely deadly crisis.

“Home quarantine is playing an important role to fighting the coronavirus,” said provincial deputy public health, Asif Kabir. “As long as we stay at home, we properly avoid the virus.”

Earlier, the provincial governor has called on the resident to avoid extra-walking and that the government would financially asset the poor families.

“We have provided donation to 8,400 families,” said deputy governor, Monisa Hassanzadah.

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