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“Hideouts of terrorists are outside”

National Movement of Afghanistan reacts over use of ‘mother of all bombs’ on Achin

AT-KABUL: Since the US-led international coalition started bombardment Afghan villages, Afghan nation has been shouting that the roots of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are outside Afghanistan, but the international troops are not listening to the people’s calls. The al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden was found near Pakistan’s nuclear installations, the National Movement of Afghanistan said in a statement on Monday.

The Daesh terrorist group was born after the al-Qaeda with such brutal acts that the world was surprised. Daesh, al-Qaeda and other enemies of Afghanistan’s development and civilization were all born and trained in Pakistan and have been sent to Afghanistan. Now that the Americans drop the mother of all bombs on Achin district under the pretext of eliminating Daesh, could have been a tool to temporarily remove Daesh terrorists, but the mother of bombs could be used on a mother who has given birth Daesh terrorists, the statement added.

The Daesh terrorists in Afghanistan are not those who are in Syria and Iraq. They are the barbaric soldiers of Pakistan’s military and intelligence that have disguised to destroy and burn our country and the responsibility goes to the Daesh terrorists who are based in Iraq and Syria, it added.

The international community should be wise to find out the sources of microbes. Political wisdom and basic treatment of war requires that the mother of bombs should be used on Pakistan’s nuclear installations and bases of its army and intelligence because they are the main centers of the real and fake Daesh terrorists, the statement added.

Such attacks in which five or ten Daesh terrorists are killed and more than that our villages are damaged is in Pakistan’s favor, unless the US realizes the facts and carries out these attacks on the center of corruption (Pakistan). This will give a pretext to Afghanistan’s another rival (Russia) to drop the father of all bombs. What is born from the use of mother of bombs and father of bombs is destruction, it added.

The major enemies of Daesh (the US and Russia) should be told that they used millions of tons of bombs in Afghanistan during the 26-year long war, but neither the Russians nor the Americans succeeded, it added.

They are asked to use the mother and father of bombs on the mother of Afghanistan’s adversity (Pakistan) and wait if it gets results, it added.

If the US had given bombs to Afghan security forces, they were able to not only drive back real and fake Daesh fighters from Afghan villages, but could push them from Atak (an area in Pakistan that belongs to Afghan territory). We hope that comes!

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