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Historical identities of Ghazni are at risk

 Ghazni, an important city of Afghanistan does not only have a historical identity but is known for historical towers and remaining capital of great Islamic Caliphate. Even from this city, King Mahmood had not only ruled Afghanistan but almost of sub continent along with several parts of Persian Gulf and Central Asian regions. On such grounds, Ghazni is considered hub of culture, traditions, history and historical monuments. Unfortunately like other historical monuments, archives and remains, the historical towers of Ghazni also affected. Reports reveal that 21out of 36 towers at an ancient fort in the historic have collapsed over the past decade due to conflicts, rain, and neglect. The Bala Hisar Fort, also known as Ghaznain Fort, dating back 2,000 years, is located in three kilometers of distance from the Kabul-Ghazni Highway where many explosions have happened over the years which has damaged the historical site.

“Mud has been used in protection and renovation of many towers of the fort which do not have the capacity to protect the monument,” said Abdul Ghafoor Hamidi, an archaeologist. Local officials said that almost $800,000 was allocated by Germany’s Aachen University to protect the fort in 2013, but the former head of historical sites of the Ministry of Information and Culture said the contractor company had pledged to protect the towers only for one year. “The money allocated for renovation of the fort was not spent effectively,” he said. One of the towers at Ghaznain Fort, collapsed most recently on June 11. The fort has only two security guards. “The authorities concerned seem reluctant in handing over of the budget to the Ministry of Information and Culture, which might be considered the main reason for the collapse of historical towers. But, back in 2013, Sarwari said that the ministry was monitoring the renovation of the Ghaznain Fort. Local officials said they have recommended the renovation of the fort two times in the past three months, but their demand was not addressed. “The renovation of historical sites requires professional facilities and experts, the deputy governor of Ghazni, Mohammad Amin Mubaligh, said. According to local officials and residents, four towers from the remaining 14 are on the verge of collapse. Collapse of these towers has made uncertain not only the patriotic Afghans but the archives lovers from all over the region. Ghazni is still considered well attractive station for tourists from all over the world and the government in Kabul needs to realize its responsibilities. Secondly, due to prevailing law and order situation, the international experts and archeologists are reluctant to visit Ghazni, therefore, UNESCO needs to help the Afghans in renovation of these historical monuments and towers-considered identity of Ghazni.

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