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Hit by poor health services at home Afghans spend $3m abroad

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Three million US dollars flow from economically dependent Afghanistan annually, due to poor healthcare services in the country, said the Minister of Public Health.

Ferozuddin Feroz told Azadi Radio that still 50 percent Afghans, mostly in remote areas, are deprived of healthcare services.

He said that new schemes are underway to provide basic healthcare services to all remote areas.

Reduction in maternal and child mortality rate and increase in number of hospitals and doctors are considered achievements of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) over the past 13 years, yet the ministry has failed to provide basic health services to all Afghans. The ministry has also failed to prevent from import of substandard medicines.

Muhammad Hanif, a dweller of Kabul city, blamed poor management for failure of the MoPH to provide healthcare services to all Afghans. “In some districts there are clinics and hospitals, but they cannot provide standard healthcare services,” he added.

Hurmatullah Najib, another resident of Kabul, said that there are no healthcare services in rural areas of the country.

Thousands of Afghans visit Pakistan, India, Iran and Turkey for treatment annually.

Experts blame poor management and widespread corruption for failure of the concerned organizations to provide standard healthcare services to all Afghans.

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