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Honey product up by 60pc in Badakhshan

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KABUL: Honey production in northern Badakhshan province has increased by 60 percent this year, said officials, adding, 283 tons of honey has been produced.

Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) said that currently 590 bee small and big farms have been active in the province.

According to statement Provincial Agriculture Head, Moaiudin Aini said that betterment of climate, existence of enough flowers and further awareness about apiculture for the owner of the farms were main factor behind increasing honey products in the province.

“Honey products reached to 283 tons, where it was 77.1 tons last year.” He termed apiculture farms a good income resource for the people in the province.

Pure honey were produced in Baharak, Kishm, Jurm, Shahda, Wardoj, Yawan and Tagab districts of the province, which are mostly selling in locality markets of the province and neighboring provinces, he added.

Each kg of honey is selling from 450-1200 Afs, which is a good resource of income for people. “Honey price is different based on season and its quality,” he added.

One of the owners of apiculture farm, Fazeludin who works since 27 years in apiculture field in Baharak district, said that protection, preventable programs and shifting honey to the areas during changing of season would help to produce honey in a best manner.

Another apiculture owner, Assadullah in Jurm district said “we succeeded to have more honey product this year. He called better climate and the new methods learned about apiculture as main factor behind this achievement.

Badakhshan is one of the provinces, in which honey could be significantly produced with good quality.

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