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Hong Kong Must not Be Reduced to a Place of Riot and Colour Revolution

By Wang Daxue, Charge d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan

Backed by external forces, some people with ulterior motives in Hong Kong have recently instigated a series of serious violent incidents, trampling on the bottom line of any civilized society and challenging China’s national sovereignty. As a result, the Pearl of the Orient famous for its freedom, openness and rule of law has been plunged into the abyss of riots. Stopping violence and ending the chaos has become a strong societal demand in Hong Kong. However, not everyone wants calmness restored in the metropolitan. Ignoring the facts and interfering flagrantly, some international forces are making attempts to prolong the chaos. But as justice will always prevail over evil and truth will for sure trump lies, their attempts will never succeed.

The government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) proposed to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance within the ‘one country, two systems’ framework. The proposed amendments originated from an ordinary criminal case. Hong Kong resident Chan Tong-kai was suspected of killing his girlfriend in Taiwan in February 2018 before fleeing back to Hong Kong. As Hong Kong does not have jurisdiction over the case, the HKSAR government has proposed to amend the above-mentioned two regulations to transfer Chan to Taiwan for trial. The proposed amendments will not only facilitate handling of the above-mentioned case but also plug existing legal loopholes. They are designed to bring Hong Kong’s cooperation with other parts of China in the transfer of fugitive offenders and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters into the scope of the two ordinances by applying mutatis mutandis the existing institutions of cooperation between Hong Kong and foreign countries. A necessary legal activity within ‘one country, two systems’, the arrangement will in no way affect Hong Kong’s judicial independence. However, some people and media with ulterior motives misused the chance and spread various alarmist remarks to create panic. To restore calm to the society as soon as possible, the HKSAR government decided on 15th June to suspend fugitive law amendments and the relevant legislative proceedings also came to a complete stop, for which the central government expressed its support, understanding and respect.

In handling the outrageous illegal acts of violence, the Hong Kong police have been professional and restrained. Since June, the opposition and some radical forces have carried out various radical activities in the name of peaceful marches and rallies. Under the guise of anti-fugitive offenders law amendment, they have engaged in various radical and sabotage activities, pushing violence to escalate. While advocating ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and ‘rule of law’, they have trampled on all the values preached by themselves by beating journalists, detaining tourists and attacking the police. Some even openly advocated Hong Kong independence and chanted ‘Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times’. They surrounded and attacked central government offices in Hong Kong and want only insulted the national flag, national emblem and HKSAR emblem, openly challenging the bottom lines, i.e., national sovereignty and the principle of ‘one country, two systems.’ No country shall tolerate such thugs. As the last shield for law and order, the Hong Kong police have stuck to their posts under great pressure and acted in a fearless and professional manner above criticism. So far, about 200 policemen have been injured in violent demonstrations. Some have fractures in the face and eyes, some had his fingers bitten off and some have not recovered from the injuries and trauma over 50 days ago. However, in western media, the disciplinary force which had long been internationally recognized as the most professional and superior for its partiality, integrity and readiness to serve the people was vilified as a ‘negative force’ while the thugs committing numerous crimes and acting like terrorists were called ‘democracy fighters’.

External forces have been openly interfering in Hong Kong affairs in attempts to instigate a ‘colour revolution’. Hong Kong is part of the Chinese territory and no foreign force has any right to make wanton comments on its affairs. This is not only a common sense but also a universal norm. The Chinese government did not intervene in American government’s suppression of the Occupy Wall Street movement nor pointed fingers at the British government when it dealt with the London riots. On the other hand, in obvious display of double standards, some countries have been making irresponsible remarks and pointing fingers on affairs of HKSAR, China, even to the extent of high-profiled, open and deep involvement. In the crowds of illegal demonstrations, all kinds of foreigners were seen talking with radicals and acting as their villainous advisers. Leaders of Hong Kong’s opposition and pro-independence organizations secretly met officials of the US Consulate General and colluded with the latter in both overt and covert ways. The US and British governments turned a blind eye to the extreme violence in the course of development while glorifying the thugs with the crowns of freedom, democracy and human rights. According to some international media with conscience, the law amendment disturbance is gradually transitioning to a ‘colour revolution’ of Hong Kong style as the US moves to support separatist forces in China when the latter is not crushed in the trade war. Some people in Britain said Hong Kong needed democracy. The truth is, during the British colonial rule, Hong Kong people had no democratic right at all. The hypocrisy of the US and other Western countries on this issue cannot hide their strategic intention to contain China.

The Chinese government will never allow anyone to mess up Hong Kong in any name. Hong Kong does not have an inch of land belonging to any country other than China. In face of the foreign interference and destruction, no other country in the world will demonstrate the same level of restraint as China has. But there is a bottom line for our restraint. Serious violence in Hong Kong has changed the nature of the incident with obvious ‘colour revolution’ characteristics. If violence and chaos prolong and external forces are allowed to interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs, not only public order will be seriously undermined, endangering the lives and property of residents there, but also the city’s prosperity and stability and the ‘one country, two systems’ formula will be destroyed. The great majority of Hong Kong residents will not agree to this, nor will the Chinese government and people. Hong Kong must not become a capital of riots and an outpost to contain China. Stopping violence, ending the riots and restoring order is now the overriding task. No illegal or criminal act openly challenging the principle of ‘one country, two systems’, trampling on the rule of law, undermining social stability and infringing upon public interests will escape the sanctions of law and history. The Chinese government has enough methods and strong enough power to quickly quell all kinds of disturbances that may occur in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, we would like to advise some countries to withdraw their manipulating hands from Hong Kong. Gross interference in other countries’ affairs will come to no good. History has proved this and will prove it again.

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