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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- MAY 13: Karima is smoking her 3rd daily take of heroin in front of her kids. The young woman is addicted to drugs since 15 years. She was married when she was only 11 years old. Unhappy in her marriage and her life, she started to smoke opium and heroin to forget about it. She has 5 kids who are all suffering from drug addiction disorders, they are all very small for their age. (Photo by Veronique de Viguerie/Getty Images for Vogue US)

Hospital for female addicts to be established in Kabul

AT-KABUL: A hospital for the female addicts’ treatment is to be established soon in Kabul city, officials from the ministries of counter-narcotics and public health announced.

“The 150-bed hospital will be established within two weeks in Kabul,” said minister of counter narcotics Salamat Azimi.

She said that this center after establishing will exert utmost efforts to treat female drug consumers in Kabul.

“Around 3.5 million people are addicted to drug in the country, and 1.5 million need to be hospitalized and treated across the country,” she added.

She stated that the government has the capacity of treatment of only 40,000 (3 percent of the addicts) in the country.

Although the government had strived hard to run different alternative livelihood programs in different provinces and help the farmers to prevent cultivation of narcotics, but the consequence was not positive, she said.

She said that the counter-narcotics ministry could not fight alone with the narcotics challenges, urging that all the national and international related organs have to assist the ministry to reach to the goal.

National mobilization is required against narcotic to root out this ugly phenomenon form the country, she mentioned.

Acting Minister for Ministry of Tribal Affairs Ghafoor Liwal said that poppy cultivation linked with conflict and conflict is a ground maker for narcotic fields.

He said that his ministry will struggle to work with tribal elders and run an awareness campaign to prevent growing of poppy and its smuggling in remote and border areas.

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