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House to conduct first-ever audit on suspicious govt. spending

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KABUL: National Assembly has begun investigating three major financial violations vis-à-vis a misuse of millions of dollars by the government from a special budgetary code, according to the House speaker.

Among the violations is illegitimate transfer of millions to the budgetary code 91 and an unexplained spending of those funds by the government.

A special committee has been formed after an approval by sweeping majority of the House representatives, in bid to dig deep into a serious misuse of public funds.

A prominent parliamentarian Ghulam Farooq Majroh said the commission was formed based on Article 89 of the Constitution.

The committee is set to set forth its findings to the House within three months.

“The panel will investigate into a violation of a special funds and a transfer of Afs 1.62 billion into budgetary code 91 from other funds, the Finance Ministry’s payout of Afs 15 billion to the Central Bank, and suspicious 10% revenues from telecommunication services,” he said.

The House decision came amid a rising fury over the government’s squandering of billions of public funds.

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