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How became so irrelevant

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KABUL: The Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) commented on President Ghani’s last week meeting with his American counterpart Donald Trump at a US air base in the Bagram district, saying the event meant flattery to Americans.

Trump on his first visit to Afghanistan, met his country’s troops on the Thanksgiving Day and asked for a meeting with Ghani there which Ghani agreed and went to Bagram.

The broadcaster said Saturday that Ghani turned to an extra player in the US-Taliban match. It said that Ghani helped his opposition’s allegations that he is in US flattering.

The TV said that Afghanistan is run by some people whose families are in abroad and they are in the country just for getting big and benefiting contracts.

The writer says that the history of Afghanistan would never forget Ghani standing behind Trump and on the queue of American soldiers.

Trump wasn’t interested in Ghani’s speech and placed him behind himself and among the US troops,” the analysis said, adding that the action was like a slap on the Afghan government’s face.

“Trump clearly said that he would resume talks with Taliban, a move that isolates the government of Afghanistan.”

It said that Ghani’s predecessor Hamid Karzai was called by the US then president Barack Obama to Bagram airbase, but the former refused.

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