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How Medical Tourism in India is coming true with “Heealthy”

Today, tourism as an expertise field of practice and knowledge is intertwined with several other networks of expertise. It is responsible for small ‘ruptures’ within these modern times. An interesting case would be Medical tourism. It has a severe form of world making capacity, especially by means of the world wide web and international marketing tools. It arises in the interstices of the interacting networks of a global world. It crosses borders in line with emerging power structures in a global network, but it also meets local resistances or regional obstacles which are related to other networks. India with its pedigree of a great IT giant and pegged to be best medical destination, is ready to take the world for a medical ride. Medical tourism in India is going to be a 9 bn dollar industry in 2020 and will generate 1 million jobs for the middle class health personnel. Around 20 mn people will be treated and Medical Tourism in India is ready for the surge. This time one patient at a time and the trip is other way round.

The Problem

The treatment of international patients concerns the process of medical treatment from the start of care through to the post-treatment follow-up, which is a complex situation to manage, not only for the hospital, but also for the patient. Facilitation takes into account the fact that these patients also have specific concerns regarding their travel behavior, alongside other services. Next, the financial specificity of these patients with respect to insurance policies and payment issues must be considered. Finally, it is important to know how the hospital identifies itself in benchmarking quality measures for international patients. However, the biggest problem was In-depth Research level healthcare. A person travelling also expects the treatment to be best in the world which requires a swarm of medical experts to go through his medical records, immediate condition and do the diagnosis. Post that they should conclude analytically on the therapeutic or any alternate process to be applied. Normally a single patient is at the whims and mercy of one doctor. Heealthy wants to provide the most premium level medical treatment right from the start of the care. Our core is about Quality Medical Hexagon. We have made processes to first engage the doctor and the patient to find the ailment and its probable solution.

What is our aim?

Our aim is make medical travel easy, affordable and successful. People around the world want to travel for various reasons. It can be cheap cost, better healthcare, individual preferences etc. Due to various reasons which are inherent in travel and health they can’t plan and execute it with ease. We are here to provide Quality Medical Care for overseas patients.

How is it done?

Our platform is for patients. Patients can choose high-end medical services which are planned with the help of local doctors and doctors overseas; Since the patients arrive from distant destinations because of a lack of existing specialties in their home countries, we are very trying to eliminate the issue of lack of quality treatment first. The patients get their optimal treatment from the best doctors at a fraction of cost in a different country with us as support staffs.

What is our core strength?

Our core is about Quality Medical Hexagon. Travel for medical purposes are complex. In contexts from in-between-worlds various interactions of perspectives, for example, on the concept of health itself, come to the surface. Within the field of medical tourism different stakeholders play a role in a world making process. Medical tourism itself is responsible for a rupture in a global network society. Also a new hybrid medical paradigm seems to appear, which already exists in the world of tourism. We are trying to make sure that this new world activity is happening smoothly as ever for the benefit of patients who have so much at stake.

Who are we?

Abhishek Shankar and Kundan Kumar co-founded this startup. Abhishek, ex-googler / IIT Madras and Kundan Kumar an ex-Whirlpool/ DCE and FMS-DELHI have taken this personally to heal the world in India. They had started working in 2012 for their Augmented Reality startup alive which got acquired by Times of India for 3 mn USD. Later on, they both created ReverseData platform for providing free data to people who can’t afford data. The Telecom-VAS division of their startup Adstuck was again acquired by Chinese unicorn Yeahmobi in March 2017 for 3.5 mn USD. They have again reinvested themselves fully on the new venture Heealthy. The team consists of regular veterans of technology and strategy , Akhilesh and Yogendra and 29 other committed workforce. Abhishek says, this is the most important thing we have ever been committed to and its huge, both in terms of impact and satisfaction. We are taking 30 patients per month only, called Heealthy 30. Each Six months further we will double our intake and we will stop at 500 a month. Rest of the patients will be served through our curated partners. Good thing is that Heealthy is mentored by Siddhartha (Stanford University) and they have doctors onboard for medical consultation.

What did we build?

We have build processes, products, capabilities and infrastructure.

Quality Medical Hexagon: We have build frictionless processes to cater to Treatment, Facilitation, Financing, Quality.

Search: We have created Machine learning based search engine to choose doctors and hospitals globally based on patient reviews

Offline Bases We have capability to provide Medical tourism in 2 countries currently. We are building bases in 7 more.

People Capabilities: We have our own division of doctors, fleet of local travel, travel agents, blockchain and managed stay locations.

Medical OS called Elexir: We have built a blockchain based OS to connect all parts of the

What is the final aim

India is a big country in terms of population and geography and there is abundant amount of trained and trainable medical staffs. Apart from this the manufacturing of medical equipment’s in house has reduced the cost. The doctors are one of the most talented lots and research to supplement the medical body of knowledge is growing very steadily. The other forms of wellness and alternate medicine is the richest in India than in anywhere in the world. There is a conversation and planning for medical tourism where health cities are being designed and executed with bed strengths of 1500 to 2000 for any kind of surgery in India. This magnanimous scale was unheard of in the private healthcare sector. These designs are supported with advanced technical infrastructure including better nursing communication systems, top notch patient monitoring devices, or telemedicine and home healthcare that makes low cost medical care for patients in the remote areas possible. What India lacks is medical districts of large proportions. We have identified 4 such districts and plan to start our work on that direction as well. Most of the other countries like UAE and china have approached this opportunity like that and at Heealthy we also are bringing together Doctors, Government and Private Equity partners in that direction.

Contact: Kundan Kumar Co Founder-Heealthy M:+91-9971900297 I E:[email protected] W:https://heealthy.com/ I Skype/Wechat: kks_1008 twitter : adstuckmobi New Delhi: Plot-3,Hargovind Enclace,Vikas Marg,New Delhi-110092 Gurgaon: 2nd. Floor,209, phase-1, Udyog vihar,gurgaon-1221106 (Haryana)-INDIA

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