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How to tackle the rise in kidnappings?

When kidnappings are soaring, security apparatus looks engrossed in tackling militancy only. Kidnappings and militancy have much in common yet they are two different security related challenges. It’s probably one of the most irritating law and order problems for the security and intelligence mechanists of the country to tackle with. This problem has started wearing a harsh look against ethnic Hazaras.

They are usually target of sectarian violence at the hands of Sunni Muslims in Quetta, Pakistan, but now the problem is sneaking into Afghanistan gradually as well. Masked gunmen abducted 30 Hazaras when they were travelling by bus in Zabul. This issue shouldn’t be dealt with apathy as it’s a human issue and not just a matter related to Hazaras. They are the citizens of the country with equal rights. Therefore the issue shouldn’t be looked at with ethnic lenses. Insecurity and kidnappings have already taken multiple strands where multiple players are behind it. The 30 men, members of Hazara ethnic community, were taken on Monday evening on the road between western city of Herat and Kabul. Interior ministry spokesman, Sediq Seddiqi said the police were making all out efforts to ensure their safe release.

The rise in kidnappings and insecurity related incidents show a declining state and an overstretched law-enforcement that’s overburdened. It doesn’t lack specialized trainings only but also human resources. The security challenge is so pervasive in nature that not only needs stringent security measures but also a vast intelligence network. At its root there is militancy behind all evils in the country however in many cases anti-social elements use militant tags to hide their faces. An anti-kidnapping cell or civilian-police-liaison infrastructure needs to be created with capacity to deal with such issues. Yet, much unfortunately, institution-building, has remained neglected on the scale of priorities of our ruling elites. When our political elites are preoccupied with their very much personal benefits and security, how they will think about the welfare of citizens. Laws against kidnappings need to be strengthened and impetuously implanted. The strength and essence of the criminal justice system is broken. It has given unnoticeable dispensation to the rise of kidnaps. Though the kidnappers of the Hazaras have not made their objectives or demands public yet, but what is shameful is that in several cases in the past, parts of political representation were accused of aiding and abetting the kidnappers. Some of the public representatives have been blamed for sponsoring rings of their own. This evil trend could be broken if intelligence network brings public representatives under its tight watch. Most of the cases remain to be connected to the militant groups who have turned to kidnappings for ransom as they have started running short of funds and resources.

What happens when a criminal justice system remains bogged down and inept should draw the attention of the current government. It takes decades to conclude cases related to crimes. The panacea to criminal justice system is to bring efficiency, speed and war on corruption in the system. If it cannot be done on martial footings, gradual efforts should be made as this is the sole healing panacea to the ailing law and order situation and rise in kidnappings.

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