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Peace council hopeful for peace in Afghanistan

By Farhad Naibkhel-AT-KABUL: The High Peace Council (HPC) of the country under its new leadership is “hopeful” for a dignified peace in the country with the armed opponents, who may still mistakenly believe in military victory.

Muhammad Karim Khalili, the current chairman of the HPC says over the past few months, since he has taken the leadership of the council, this organization has taken “good steps” to manage its internal affairs and prepare for its main mission, which is establishment of a “dignified peace” in the war-torn country.

“We are more hopeful … a good ground for peace is paved in national and international level, and I hope we can take advantage of it” Khalili told a gathering in Kabul without to give more details on its efforts so far made for talks with the armed opponents.

“Peace is a long term process, we should not expect a miracle from the HPC (regarding peace) in few months. We will go ahead with patience. Good steps have been taken, and we are steadily taking the next steps” Khalili said, adding that peace is a “national priority and need” of the Afghan Nation, who had been suffering from the war for several decades.

Khalili once again called on the Taliban to join a “dignified peace process” as the only solution to the ongoing destructive war because their assumption of winning the war militarily is a “mistake” and they cannot return the country back to “a dark era.”

Khalili emphasized that peace talks with the Taliban does not mean “a complete surrender” but it’s a dignified process in which both side should reach a dignified outcome for the ongoing war that daily kill innocent Afghan people.

Regrind the internal reforms of the body, Khalili said that they have taken good step to establish a good and effective system for the peace affairs and peace committees are now active in all 34 Afghan provinces.

Khalili assured the HPC will fully act impartially and will never be affected by the “mare accusations” and “empty propaganda” of some ill-fated circles, who seek their interest in war rather than peace.

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