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Huawei may install CCTVs across Afghanistan to detect militants

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KABUL – The Taliban administration may have entered into an agreement with Huawei Technologies to establish a surveillance network of CCTVs spanning the entire country in a bid to locate and detect insurgents. A verbal agreement has been reached after representatives from the tech giant engaged with Taliban Interior Ministry officials on August 14.

Mufti Abdul Mateen Qani, Interior Ministry spokesperson shared images and information about the meeting on X, confirming that they are considering the deployment of an advanced camera system across all provinces of Afghanistan. However, the posts were later deleted.

In contrast to the reports circulating about the meeting, Huawei issued an emailed statement denying any discussions on plans or agreements. The Taliban spokespersons have not yet responded to requests for comments. The individual who possessed insights into the meeting, preferring to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the agreement, disclosed that the primary objective of the surveillance system is to locate members of ISIS in Afghanistan and identify other militant elements.

It’s noteworthy that the local faction affiliated with the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) stands as a significant security concern for the Taliban. This faction was responsible for a fatal attack on the Russian embassy in Kabul the previous year. Additionally, they targeted a hotel in Afghanistan’s capital that was frequently visited by Chinese nationals. A recent United Nations report also indicated threats against Chinese, Indian, and Iranian embassies within the country.

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