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I am the “governor”: Noor

‘20pc President Ghani, 80pc CEO Abdullah is behind my dismissal’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Lashing out at the Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah, Atta Mohammad Noor—whose resignation approved by President Ashraf Ghani as Balkh governor, said that 20-30 percent President Ghani and 70-80 percent CEO Abdullah was behind his dismissal.

In a ceremony to commemorate the death anniversary of Ustad Abdul Qader Zabihullah Shaheed, he said that Jamiat-e-Islami is in talk with President Ghani, and the party decision is acceptable for him. “Whether I should persist or leave, this is what Jamiat will decide. I’ll go upon the decision as Jamiat is one side of the National Unity Government.”

He furthered, “I am the governor, and will remain in the post till Jamiat’s decision.” He warned to stay as governor despite reserving decision on him by the government, in a bid to prevent penetration of Taliban and Daesh militants in Balkh province.

He came hard on CEO Abdullah over has failure to meet demands of the Jamiat. “He is a snake in sleeves,” he said while accusing Abdullah for dividing the party after gaining power through Jamiat. “He (Abdullah) is not good representative of the party.”

He termed 20-30 percent President Ghani, and 70-80 percent Abdullah behind his dismissal, whereas blamed Abdullah for removing figures “representing Jamiat” form the government.

Moreover, he said that the Jamiat party has the right to change its candidate in NUG—what possibly seems that the party can even remove Abdullah from his position as he is the member of Jamiat-e-Islami party.

Moreover, he warned both Palaces, Presidential and Sapidar that not frighten them from US and UK for their illegal demands.

“The International Community won’t sell the people of Afghanistan for two doctors,” he said this referring to Dr. Ghani and Dr. Abdullah.

He emphasized that they would exert utmost efforts to resolve the issue through negotiation, if didn’t bear result, then other options will be utilized. He called on his followers to keep patient, and wait for next decision.

Noor also expressed his gratitude to those who had come out in support of him in the past week. “First Vice President, Abdul Rashid Dostum informed me of his support and his (Dostum’s) forces are ready to support me if needed.”

He added that he received the same support from second deputy CEO, Mohammad Mohaqiq. He also thanked Kandahar’s police chief, General Abdul Raziq for showing support to him.

Recently, Raziq warned that the dismissal of Balkh governor would have significant implications on the security situation in the province.

Last week, President Ghani accepted resignation of Noor as governor of Balkh with appointing Mohammad Dawod as his successor. However, Noor rejected his dismissal, saying his resignation was based on conditions that have not been fulfilled.


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