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‘I can’t take my gun again, I want peace’: A wounded solider

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KABUL: An Afghan Army Soldier with his burnt eyes, hands, legs and stomach said, “I can’t take my gun and fight in the battlefield again, I want peace.”

He was uneven and it was hard to understand him as he started crying. When we said, “soldier doesn’t’ cry, but take the gun, fight and defend the homeland”; he pointed to his burnt hands, legs and eyes and cried again.

Living in a worn house in central Bamyan province alongside his three children and wife, an Afghan Army Soldier, whose neck name is Qahraman (Champion), is bearing a hard life.

Qaharaman had taken the military training in Kabul and then sent to Kandahar to fight the militants. Serving in the Afghan Army ranking for 11 years, Qahraman has fought most of the battles in southern Afghanistan, where the Taliban have a strong presence. He narrates the hardship and difficulties that he has faced in as a soldier in the tough battlefield.  

With a slight smile on his face, he tells us about his fights and victories but while remembering his comrades, with whom he was once making jokes and talks before they had got killed, Qahraman gets lamented.  “Every of us had a hope to survive the war and meet our family but war doesn’t give everyone this chance,” he said.

About 10 months back, a logistic convey of Afghan National Army was hit by a roadside mine in Shahwali Koot district of Kandahar, where some of Qaharman’s comrades were killed and some others wounded. He doesn’t remember anything about the numbers of casualties, as he himself got a severe injury. His wounded and burnt body was shifted to the major military hospital “Daud Khan”, located in Kabul. After almost four month in the hospital, Qaharaman was discharged, although the wounds on his body had still not been healed.

He was then brought home. Qahraman said that during his five months at home, he has been in a severe health condition; his eyes are sightless and half a part of his body is paralyzed. He is financially not able to cure himself.

While tears were spoiling from his worn eyes, he said, “I was healthy last Nawroz (an Afghan holiday) but this year I can’t go out and celebrate it together with my family.”

At the end he hoped for an end to the endless Afghan war, which has thus for inflicted a high rate casualty on Afghan people.

The reported translated from (Salam Watandar)

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