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‘I see you’ — a fight for justice

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KABUL: Justice matters—a social campaign titled “I see you” lunched in Kabul to make sure no injustice done through ongoing peace process that no clarity has been seen yet.

A painting of US top negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad and Deputy Taliban Leader, Mullah Baradar, has been tinted on a wall in Kabul city. The Afghans in social media took the painting as a monitoring stuff that they (Afghans) see them (Khalilzad and Baradar) and watch their move closely while a clean slogan read “peace without justice means to surrender”.

The Trump administration signed a peace agreement with the Taliban group last Saturday. The group claimed victory while U.S. and Russia in a joint statement reaffirmed that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not recognized by the international community and at the UN, and furthermore, the international community will not accept or support the restoration of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan.

But the gravity of the situation is US President Donald Trump’s words that Taliban could “possibly” seize the power after foreign troops withdraw from the country as part of an agreement signed between the two sides.

“Countries have to take care of themselves,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “You can only hold someone’s hand for so long.”

Based on the agreement, the U.S. and NATO forces should completely withdraw over a 14-month period.

It is a clear-cut surrender to the Taliban as per as Trump’s statement. It is irrational to think that U.S. after almost 20 years will leave Afghanistan at the mercy of Taliban—a group provided shelter to al-Qaeda that killed thousands of American citizens. Mr. Trump must not forget 9/11, and must not run out of race as 2020 was the start of new opportunities for a dignified peace where the rights of men, women and children to be protected.    

But the positive point is that today’s Afghanistan is quite different from what it was before 2001 U.S. invasion. Nobody can impose Taliban on us—but the Afghans are ready to negotiate with them for a durable peace.

“Eyes of History!” The memory of the millions of eyes whose blood was shed you can’t ignore us. Peace without justice is surrender. We were not killed to surrender today. We stand together and we surrender only for justice!” Farahnaz Forotan, a Kabul-based journalist and women advocator said in a tweet.

“It is never easy to be part of a process that you have been a victim of war by the same people who have taken all the opportunities from you as an Afghan woman” Fawzia Koofi, leader of Movement for Change, and ex-deputy speaker of parliament has said in a tweet.

The Afghan women – who were utterly barred from going to schools and workplaces – see their rights in deep jeopardy as the Taliban’s mindset toward women still remain the same. Taliban top chief negotiator have tried to tell they are committed toward women’s right according to the Islamic teachings—what are those teachings is important to discuss on.

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