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ICG: Reducing aid will worsen Afghan economic situation


Kabul: A new report by International Crisis Group (ICG) warned that reduction of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan has adverse effects on the people, so the Western countries should adopt a legitimate position.

The report adds that Western countries should look for a legitimate position to respond to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan despite current Afghan government indifference toward international community.

According to the findings of the International Crisis Group, economic pressure on the Taliban is not effective and this pressure only increases the suffering of the Afghan people, especially women and children.

Some experts say that humanitarian aid to Afghanistan should not be conditional, and at the same time, it is also necessary for the current Afghan government to interact with the world in some way.

After imposing restrictions on the education and work of Afghan women in non-governmental organizations in December of last year, some relief organizations stopped part of their activities and conditioned it on women being allowed to return to their work.

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