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ID card, sticker forgers to be punished

AT-KABUL: The forgers of fake ID cards and stickers used on the ID cards to show the owners of the ID cards were registered in the voting registration centers, would be legally punished, interior ministry said.

The government’s opposition political parties displayed this week hundreds of fake ID cards and stickers forged to be used in favor of “certain candidates” who are close to the government.

Nosrat Rahimi, spokesman of the ministry, said Monday that the any forger of the ID cards and stickers including members of political parties would be punished based on law.

He asked the opposition parties to continue help with the police to find forgers and others who try to disorder the October legislative election.

“Our demand from these parties is that they should inform police and intelligence organs about forging of documents before sharing them with the media and people, so that we can find the perpetrators,” said Rahimi.

Both the population registration department and electoral commissions rejected allegations over having hands in forging the documents.

They asked the interior ministry to investigate the finding of documents by the political parties and that who had forged them.

The Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan (a group of political parties formed alliance as government’s opposition), said it had collected the documents with the help of people.

“We collected these documents from the society and people helped us in this regard in 33 provinces except Ghazni,” said coalition’s spokesman, Fazl Rahman Orya.

He said the documents were collected to show that the government was not committed to its promises in holding transparent elections.

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