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ID cards on sale ahead of vote

AT-KABUL: Some lawmakers and candidates for the forthcoming elections have claimed that national identity cards are paid for and sold by brokers ahead of Wolesi Jirga and district council ballot. Based on electoral law, those who want to throw hat in the ring for lower house vote are required to submit 1000 ID cards of voters to the election commission and 100 copies for those contesting for district council election. This may have instigated this alleged illicit bargaining.

Sale of ID cards to candidates has raised concerns, a situation that some describe chaotic. ObaidullahKalimzai, a lawmaker from Kabul province, said one copy of Tazkera is sold from 1,000 to 2,000. He said those who don’t have the support of 1,000 people should not contest the election.

Another Lawmaker Qais Hassan also expressed concern over the buying and selling of Tazkeras and said this practice would hamper public trust on the process of election. He asked the masses not to cell their identities and not to send the people to Wolesi Jirga who would serve their personal interest.

Ahmad ZakiFaqirzada, a designate candidate, alleged some lawmakers had spread the gossips regarding the selling and purchase of Tazkers in order to create turmoil and faced the election with crisis. He, however, added some people referred to him to buy their Tazkeras. He asked the masses not to sell their identity against the money and support candidates who could serve them in the future.

Aminullah, the resident of Kabul City, had 50 copies of Tazkeras with him and sold each against 1,000 to 2,000 afghanis on candidates. He said he purchase each copy of Tazkeras from people against 500 to 1,000 afghanis and would sold them on candidates at the higher prices when needed.

Meanwhile, Abdul BadeiSayyad, head of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) has asked the tribal elders to encourage people not to sell their Tazkeras and votes.In some parts of the country powerful and armed individuals force common people to sell their Tazkeras and vote the candidate they want, he said.Sayyad added the commission may not be able to stop the buying and selling of Tazkeras but assured that no rigging and fraud would be allowed in the polling process.

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