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‘ID in booklet format is a step backward’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The New Line Organization (NLO) on Monday expressed deepest concern over government decision to scrap the Electronic ID card system and revert to paper identification document in the form of a booklet. NLO termed electronic ID cards “a very much important in order to have a fair and free election” in the country. They emphasized on the government to initiate issuance of E-cards while termed ID-cards in form of a booklet as a step toward backwardness.”

Recently, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said in a policy statement that they want to change the shape of ID cards from a page document to a booklet. The MoI spokesman, Sediq Sediqqi said that the booklet is important to overcome mishandlings.

However, Head of NLO, Fahim Sediqi, said that ID-cards format of booklet is step toward backwardness.

“Instead of booklet, the National Unity Government (NUG), must begin issuance of E-ID cards aimed at guarantying a fair, free and transparent election in the country,” he added.

Criticizing postponement of E-ID cards issuance, he said, “based on our information, all technical and legal process have been completed to issue E-ID cards”. But, however, the process have halted due to unknown reasons by the government,” he added.

“Further delay in issuance of E-ID cards would mar more electoral system of the country.”

He added that the government must kick of the issuance process of E-ID cards quickly, and in the first phase should cover the citizens who are eligible for voting in the upcoming election.

“Counterfeit is also possible in the ID booklet, but in E-ID is almost impossible,” he said.

The NLO being as an observer of the election process came hard over failure of electoral bodies and to the newly appointed commissioners of the Independent Election Commission (IEC). It has been two months that the new commissioners assumed office.“Based on people expectation the activities of the new commissioners are very slow,” he added.

Pointing toward issuance of 20 million voting cards in the last election, he said “if the previous voting election cards were not valid, the already challenges would be expanded in the upcoming election.

Based on report currently 10 million people are eligible of voting, but 20 million ex-voting cards were distributed among people, showing 50 percent extra votes, he underlined.


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