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IDLG vows to appoint governors, mayors till March

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) on Thursday said that it would appoint new governors and mayors by the end of current solar year, which will end on March 20, to replace all remaining caretakers.

Spokesperson for the IDLG, Munira Yousuf Zada, told reporters that according to directives of President Ashraf Ghani, three new governors and mayors would be appointed in different provinces which are currently run by caretakers.

Currently, Balkh, Kunduz and Nuristan provinces and tens of municipalities are managed by caretakers. Some political analysts believe that insecurity and corruption are linked to poor performance of the caretakers, because they do not enjoy full authority to devise and implement policies pertinent to security and economic improvement.

Ministry of Defense and the National of Directorate of Security are also run by caretakers.

Yousuf Zada said the president has decided to appoint competent and professional governors and mayors by the end of current solar year.

Delay in appointment of new governors was said to be one of the reasons of political differences between the two leaders of the National Unity Government.

Hinting to the issue, spokesperson of the IDLG said that there are no differences over appointment of new governors, but highlighted that “it is a big political decision”.

Meanwhile, governors of six different provinces after meeting with President Ghani told media that provincial officials in collaboration with security agencies and public would work together to keep security of their respective provinces.

They said that governors are in touch with the president and are briefing him over the security situation, through video conferences, in their respective provinces.

After increase in insecurity in the provinces, the president took the decision to hold direct meeting with the governors to heed their demands and challenges and seek practical measures for resolving the issues.

Governor of Zabul province, Anwar Eshaqzai, told Afghanistan Times that the Taliban insurgents have control over three districts in the province.

He said that Kakh-e Afghan district is controlled by the Taliban, and two other districts including Dai Chopan and Shah Joy are facing serious threats.

He rejected the existence of Daesh (aka Islamic State) fighters in the provinces, but pointed out that the government has decided to launch clearing operations in the mentioned districts.

According to media reports, Daesh has established safe havens in Kakh-e Afghan and Dai Chopan districts.

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