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IDPs, insecurity and economic disparity

The steady slide of security, has unleashed a wave of concerns among Afghans, particularly the youth. The biggest adventure they can take to live the life of their dreams is to flee this troubled country. Though by fleeing their country they don’t reach their dreams rather they are hit by a new wave of troubles. That’s why Afghanistan has had been producing a large number of refugees. Now a day it is Syria the world’s largest refugees’ producer, however, unfortunately Afghanistan has been wrecked by conflict for the past three decades where insecurity still has been pushing many on fleeing the country to escape the unfavorable economic conditions and insecurity. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) in Kabul vented its concerns on Wednesday over the continued conflict and the flight of Afghans from their homeland. The UNCHR officials said the continued conflict directly affects a huge number of internally displaced people (IDPs) across the country. IDPs are among the world’s most vulnerable people. At times they live worse life than refugees as unlike refugees the IDPs have not crossed an international border to find refuge in a peaceful country with access to basic human rights, but IDPs remain at home with poor human rights conditions. They relatively travel from insecure parts of the country to some secure areas but their economic worries remain the same. IDPs usually remain under the protection of their own government despite the fact that the government might be the cause of their displacement. Around the world there were 26.4 million IDPs at the end of 2011 whereas UNCHR has been helping about 15.5 million of IDPs in 26 countries including Afghanistan. Therefore, this international body is concerned on the steady rise in insecurity as its officials said the spread of conflict not only affects those at home but also the repatriation of Afghans. Maya Ameratunga, the UNCHR representative in Afghanistan said they are concerned on the IDPs situation. Contrary to the ground realities, the ministry of refugees and repatriation said the number of refugees returning home has hiked. Those from well off families have started rushing to Kabul to get their passports ready and flee the country. The government must do something to fix the security issues, widen job bank, improve education quality lest there will be a serious brain drain and capital flight and more and more people will be displaced because of the increase in provinces like Helmand, Nangarhar, Badakhshan, Kunduz, Farah and Ghazni. Refugees and IDPs speak volumes of the failures of a government in providing basic human security for all. Therefore, they are recognizable result of the breakdown of the politico-economic situation in a country. Both, IDPs and refugees flee violence, discrimination, economic disparity and troubles, security problems and political instability, yes in some cases some people take illegal migration just for their dreams of becoming a richest man, however they don’t know what lies ahead for them—the seas, the unfriendly routes and at times deaths. And even if they reach their desired destinations, they don’t get what they dream about. They wait for years of years to get nationality of their desired countries and once they get the nationality they face numerous challenges in getting jobs as there has been a huge influx of refugees from across the Muslim world besides adapting to the new culture. The entire EU and some other parts of the world as swarming with the unprecedented influx of refugees and the EU nations don’t know how to tackle this global challenge. To tackle the issue, the global community must work for security at their native lands lest the insecure parts of the world will be the refugees producing lands. There is no doubt that the Muslim world has been destabilized by the west and it is the west that will have to be suffered by the huge influx of the refugees, but the key belligerent force—the United States has somehow made its frontiers impregnable for the refugees and it is the EU that has been swarmed by them. Until the United States herself is suffered by the influx of the refugees it wouldn’t cease producing them as it is the US that has been behind insecurities across the Muslim world and it is ultimately the EU that’s paying the price.

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