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IEC says will scrutinize forged identity cards in a fortnight

AT-KABUL: The Independent Election Commission (IEC) says it would complete investigations over the fake ID cards within two weeks, while the parliamentarian election is to be launched in 40 days.

“A committee is assigned to investigate the counterfeited ID cards and it will share the result of its work with the media in two weeks,” Zabihullah Sadat, deputy spokesman of the election commission said Wednesday.

The government’s opposition political parties revealed what they claimed thousands of the fake ID cards and other documents last month. They asked for change and reform in electoral system, but the government and election commission rejected the demands. These parties threatened to launch peaceful protests.

The department of population registration confirmed that the revealed ID cards were counterfeited, while political parties accused government and election commission of orchestrating election in favor of individuals related to government officials.

The government prosecution team is formed of representatives from security bodies, election commission, statistics office and population registration department.

The election commission urged that no effort could hinder the October 20 legislative election, saying persons having hands in faking ID cards would be referred to judiciary.

Political parties accuse the government of fraud in election, while some others claim that the parties were trying to sabotage the election.

“The prosecution committee can not satisfy people and political parties. The parties are insisting on their demands. So, the challenges are unsolved and we are concerned about the election,” Naeem Ayoubzada, head of the non-government organization Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) said.

He added that the election commission should pay attention to challenges it is facing with, otherwise, the process would go toward a crisis and democracy would be meaningless.

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