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IEC welcomes steps leading to electoral transparency

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KABUL: The Independent Election Commission (IEC) says it would welcome any steps that lead to electoral transparency, in a reference to investigations about the job of German biometric company of Dermalog that was responsible for presidential election’s biometrics.

The commission officials said Friday that investigation should be only around technical issues, and should not be political.

The Kabul News broadcaster said earlier that the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) had started inspections over the quality and prices of the biometrics devices.

The election commission has said it would welcome any efforts that lead transparency of election.

The SIGAR inspection result is supposed to be announced in December.

The commission reiterated that the investigation should not be political.

The Dermalog is accused of providing the election commission with low-quality biometrics devices, which has created many technical problems.

The presidential candidates have also expressed support for the investigation.

Most of the biometric devices are said to have been made in China and sold in low prices because their low quality.

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