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IEC’s neutrality questioned; it works for specific candidate

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KABUL: Chief Executive and Presidential Hopeful, Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday has accused the Independent Election Commission of working in favor of a certain electoral team, saying that “IEC’s neutrality is questionable and its work illegitimate.”

To avoid the formation of “illegal government”, he pledged that his team would take serious steps at this point.     

On his Facebook page, Abdullah wrote that those, who committed fraud in 2014, may think they can do it again, but it won’t happen.

Referring to a specific electoral team, he said that an electoral ticket has spent a huge amount of money in its election campaigning. “But the election’s result was very clear,” Abdullah added.

This comes as on Tuesday, Abdullah’s first running mate, Babur Farahmand has called on IEC to invalid the fraudulent votes within three days.

If the IEC didn’t meet their demands, Farahmand said that they would stage widespread protests across the country.    

The “Stability and Partnership” electoral team, led by Abdullah had earlier boycotted vote recount process. Abdullah’s supporter has blocked the recounting centers in some of the northern provinces, where he has quite well influence.

If the clean votes suppurated and the fraudulent votes declared invalid, Farahmand said that their votes would be around 51 percent.

However, the “State Builder” electoral team led by incumbent President Ashraf Ghani has announced its support to the recount and auditing process of presidential election votes, saying that Abdullah’s supporters try to create hurdles against the election process.

“Their victory is related to invalidating people’s votes, the invalidation which does not have any basis or principles,” Ghani’s campaigner Daud Sultanzoi said.

But, IEC’s spokesman, Haqparasat said that claiming victory before the commission announced the results was illegal and in contrast with the electoral law.

On September 28th, thousands of people dared the Taliban threat and casted their votes to elect their new president. They voted despite serious threats and security tensions because they hoped to make a better future for their country. But the ongoing dispute between the candidates and electoral commissions have made the election trustless and faded.   

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