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Imperialist powers cultivated extremism in Afghanistan: Karzai

Islam, a religion of peace with no room for extremism, Muslim on Muslim has been promoted by the west, says ex-Afghan president, Hamid Karzai

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi

KABUL: Ex-president Hamid Karzai said Sunday that cultivating extremism in Muslim world particularly Afghanistan was one of major goals of the imperialist power since Europe’s colonial onslaught.

Speaking at a seminar by the Afghanistan Moderation Center (AMC), the former Afghan president said that nearly two centuries ago it was a major goal of the imperialists to colonize the region and cultivate extremism in Afghanistan.

Karzai said the nefarious designs of the colonial powers not only resulted in killing of hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the globe but also caused Muslim on Muslim violence. The former president categorically rejected link between extremism and Islam. “Islam is a religion of peace and discouraged all types of violence. Religious scholars must show the real face of Islam to the world, particularly to the westerners,” he urged ulema while emphasizing on the message of universal brotherhood of Islam.

He added that religious scholars should engage in serious efforts to make it clear on the world that radicalism has no connection with Islam and the westerners should bring changes in their perception and behavior towards Muslims.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abdullah Abdullah, said that the use of violence and extremism as means to achieve political and mundane gains had nothing to do with Islam.

He said that Afghans being Muslims never acted brutality or tolerated violence because Islam is not the religion of cruelty but peace. Killing of civilians under any pretext is unacceptable and none issued religious verdicts that allow killing of innocent people, he added.

Chief of the AMC, Niamtullah Shahrani, said that those who kill citizens are not Muslims because there is no space for extremism in Islam.

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