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In a rare move authorities fined company Afs6m for cutting street trees

By Sadeq Yusufi

KABUL- Kabul Municipality in a rare move has fined a private company for Afs 6 million after cutting several trees on a Kabul street and referred the company to judicial organs for further actions, officials said Thursday.

The Private company recently chopped off at least 24 trees on the city’s airport road while trying to install security cameras and scanners on the road for security measures in the city, which is badly suffering from terrible terrorist attacks.

The violation by the private company was widely condemned by the citizens and forced the authorities to act and punish the firm for the act which citizens called oppression.

Trees which cut off by a security cameras company in Kabul.

“in a special meeting between representatives of several organs, invited by the municipality, the authorities decided to impose a fine of Afs 5.76 million on the company for destroying the trees” Kabul Municipality said in a statement.

The municipality also seized all equipment of the company in the area and stopped the work of the company until it pays the fine. The company was also referred to judicial organs for further actions.

This has been the first time authorities take such action to punish a company for cutting street trees, in a city which is badly suffering from air pollution and pushed the city to the list of one of the most polluted capitals with polluted air in the world.

To increase the greenery and prevent the air pollution in the city, Kabul Municipality each year spend millions by planting new trees in various parts of the city.

“After this, we will not allow any violator to cut even a single tree in the city, we desperately need greenery and we are doing our best to plant new saplings in order to decrease air pollution and improve the beauty of the city” Nargis Mohmand, spokesperson for Kabul Municipality told Afghanistan Times.

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