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In his memoir, Kerry calls Karzai ‘shrews and calculating’

In his book ‘Every day is extra’, Former United States Secretary of State John Kerry touts former Afghan President Hamid Karzai as a shrewd and calculating President.

He says, “Karzai was shrewd and calculating. He was going to make the next Afghan government own the status of forces agreement for NATO and American troops, evenas he engaged with me on negotiating framework that would give us what we needed to stay in Afghanistan at all as a security partner.”

He goes on to say: “But Karzai’s punt to the next government made the outcome of the 2014 elections all the more important,”

John Kerry narrates an exhilarating account of his encounter with the erstwhile President Hamid Karzai and calls him ‘a charming and emotional patriot who wanted a united Afghanistan.

Kerry remembers Karzai to be ‘a patriot first and foremost’ and wanted his country to remain together as a country. He also says Karzai had constantly blamed the trouble he faced on Pakistan and its Inter-Service Intelligence.

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