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In response to Pakistan request: Saudi, Qatar admit supporting Taliban

AT News Report-KABUL: Saudi Arabia and Qatar have acknowledged that they have handed millions of dollars to Taliban in response to the requests of Pakistan.

The International Scroll, an Indian news agency, quotes the intelligence officers of the two Persian Gulf’s states that Riyadh and Doha had big hands in keeping war aflame in Afghanistan, saying that the financing increased particularly after 2005.

“When Taliban with the help of Pakistan asked us for financial support for their war against the government of Afghanistan and the US troops, we accepted to help them without any hesitance,” the news agency has quoted some Qatari and Saudi intelligence officers, who have clarified that Taliban received the finance through Islamabad.

Pakistan’s demand was to support more Haqqani network, Quetta council and Miranshah council, according to the report, that added the assistance was made to prevent the extension of Iran’s influence.

The sources have said that one of the reasons that Saudi and Qatar accepted to help Taliban was the presence of Iran’s supporters inside the Afghan government. “We wanted to collapse the Afghan government and ban the extension of Iran’s influence.”

Ahmad Saeedi, a political expert said that “there is no doubt that Saudi and Qatar have hands in the destruction of Afghanistan.

But Nazar Mohammad Motmaen, a writer, believes that Taliban are supported by some well-off persons inside Afghanistan, saying the two Persian Gulf nations did not support the group.




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