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India calls for end to violence in Afghanistan

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KABUL: India calls for end of violence in Afghanistan and believes that ensuring the rights of all ethnic and religious groups could help a longtime ceasefire that would result in a lasting peace in the war-hit country.

Indian Ambassador to the United Nations, T.S. Tirumurti, said Sunday that it is the time that the Security Council make decision for an immediate end of violence and ensuring cease fire in Afghanistan.

He pointed to the role of “some neighboring countries” in destabilizing the situation in Afghanistan, saying that all the Afghanistan’s neighbors are responsible to help Afghans bring peace to their home.

The Indian envoy at the UN called on Taliban to to honestly join a peace negotiation initiated by Kabul and cut ties with the terrorist groups.

Tirumurti clarified that any peace agreement in Afghanistan should protect the Constitution’s democratic framework and defend human rights including the rights of women, rights of children and rights of minorities.

He asked the international community and the regional countries to help for the ensuring of the rights and interests of all Afghan ethnic and religious groups.

Tirumurti touched the high rate of civilian casualties and said the current situation in Afghanistan is a direct threat to the region and the world.

He emphasized that the achievements gained in the past two decades in Afghanistan need to be protected in the peace deals.

“The countries that support terrorist groups should be pressured and held accountable,” Tirumurti said, without specifying the countries, but this is a reference to Pakistan that is blamed by both India and Afghanistan for supporting and arming terrorist groups who operate in its neighboring states.

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