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India to provide 120,000 tons of wheat in aid

AT-KABUL: Indian ambassador to Kabul said that New Delhi was ready to provide 120,000 tons of wheat to Afghanistan in aid. The ambassador asked Afghan government to shift it via nearer and cheaper ways.

Manpreet Vohra told Afghan foreign minister Sallhauddin Rabani that India was to donate 120,000 tons of wheat to Afghanistan.

The ambassador also asked Afghan government to seek appropriate and economical ways to shift the wheat from India to Kabul.

Rabani appreciated from recent supports of India to Afghan people and said that New Delhi proved its deep friendships relations with Kabul.

He termed construction of India-Afghanistan Friendship Dam in Herat Province, inauguration of new building of Parliament in Kabul and launching work of Chabahar Port in Iran as the great development project of India for Afghanistan.

Rabani added that India has been the historical friend of Afghanistan and has assisted this country in the many critical and sensitive conditions. In the meeting the two sides also discussed about Afghan-India strategic council session which may hold in the next months.


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