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India Vs Pakistan

Let’s put India—the time tested friend, and Pakistan—the neighbor to the boxing rank on Afghanistan situation to get a clear picture that which states is honest in the game. The Afghan people would observe the two states at the rank with an open-eye without blinking, and the interesting point is that both have a lot in diversion. At real sense, Pakistan is a big puncher with evil designs at the backbone, while India is engaged to fortify it in a fan-friendly style. But always Afghanistan with the support of India has knocked victories against Pakistan in several faces. Pakistanis in the rank have violated Afghan territory more than 59 times, including three violations of our air space, over 1375 cross-frontier artillery shelling and caused dozens of casualties, displacement of 450 families in the middle of cold winter in our eastern provinces, burning of our forests, illegal construction of infrastructure near the frontier region, and hostile maneuvering of tanks and heavy weaponry. In contrary to that, Indian’s in the rank have always focused on projecting its soft power by building dams, roads, schools, hospitals and the most important one is parliament and court buildings. However, there are so many other infrastructure projects that have been protected by Indians in the rank. Pakistanis is paying heed to give legitimacy for groups such as Taliban and other militant outfits as a tactic to give plausible deniability to their support and harboring militancy. But the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Ji has won the heart of Afghans by saying some words in Pashto and Dari in public speeches. Indians are making efforts to find a transit route with Afghanistan through Chabahar port, but Pakistan has been shutdown transit routes which hundreds of stranded goods trucks are loaded with fresh fruits, vegetable, poultry and other edible items have wasted, sustaining heavy financial losses on both sides. Moreover, India has labeled itself as an economic partner of Afghanistan rather than a donor. To boost people-to-people ties, India has further liberalized its visa policy to make it easier for Afghans visiting the country. At the same time Pakistan has closed crossings, putting people into deep uncertainty and miseries. Afghans receive warm welcome while visiting India, but in Pakistan they send behind bars without any crimes. The neighboring Pakistan is an evil, but the neighbor of neighbor of Afghanistan is cherub. It is not exaggeration at any level as India had been remain as a strong supportive of the war-hit country. It would be very much irrational to compare New Delhi with Islamabad. Now the time is ripe for all the actors to join India in the boxing rank against Pakistan, and knock down this cancer from the surface of this plant.

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