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Indonesia pledges support for Afghanistan

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KABUL: Indonesian President Joko Widodo has emphasized the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan that figured prominently at the 13th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit.

Indonesia was ready to help Afghanistan said the president. “Currently, an inclusive government has not materialised. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating.”

Tittle Press quoted him as saying: “Some 23 million Afghans are at risk of a food crisis. Humanitarian aid is a priority. We are committed to providing assistance, including capacity assistance.”

Speaking virtually from the Bogor Presidential Palace on Friday, he voiced Indonesia’s concern about two issues in Afghanistan — the empowerment of women and cooperation between the ulema.

Jokowi called respect for women’s rights one of Taliban’s promises. He said Indonesia wanted to participate so the promise could be kept. For example, he added, they could work together to empower women through the Indonesia-Afghanistan Women Solidarity Network.

“We are also ready to provide training grants to Afghan women. We will continue our efforts to strengthen the empowerment of Afghan women through cooperation with various parties.”

“Although the situation in Afghanistan is different, the ulema still have an important role to play. We are ready to promote dialogue between the ulema, including Afghans,” Jokowi said.

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