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Insecurity in Kunduz irks local officials

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Local officials have warned of escalating insecurity in Kunduz. They said that after the fall of Kunduz city in late September, the Taliban seized different types of weapons from security forces, which they are using now against the government forces and civilians.

This comes amid ongoing clashes between security forces and the Taliban militants in the city. The officials said the security forces have not succeeded yet in eliminating the insurgents.

“These heavy and light weapons have made their way to the battlefield and are being used by the Taliban militants,” TOLO news quoted the Kunduz provincial council head, Mohammad Yousuf Ayoubi.

The provincial council head also expressed concerns over the continued insecurity in the city, saying the Taliban still has control over some parts of the city and in the districts.

Ayoubi said: “The security situation in Kunduz is very worrying. The people are worried and the war is still ongoing around the city and in the districts. People are being affected – especially as more than 20,000 families have been displaced.”

Meanwhile, the acting provincial governor Hamdullah Danishi said that the Taliban insurgents seized both heavy and light weapons along with tanks and armored vehicle from the security forces in late-September.

He furthered that the seizer of weapons is causing the ongoing clashes, adding, “One of the reasons for our concern is that light and heavy weapons were taken by the Taliban. This is worrying and we have asked military forces on a number of occasions to destroy these weapons. This process has started.”

The commander of 808 Spinzar Military Zone, Shir Aziz Kamawal, has accused local officials for having allowed these weapons to fall into the hands of the Taliban.

Kamawal said that people with bad intentions let the weapons to fall into the hands of the militants. He said these people should be brought to the books.

Kunduz city fell to the Taliban in late September. It was a big victory for Taliban to capture a key city. However, after three days of fierce clashes, the security forces retook control of the city.

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