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Insecurity in Nangarhar

Residents of the restive eastern Nangarhar province voiced their concerns over growing insecurity, times and again. They asked the provincial administration and central government to take decisive measures to improve law and order situation. Highways are insecure, schools are closed down and residents are threatened of dire consequences by the Islamic State (Daesh) as well as the Taliban insurgents. Moreover, forced recruitment of children and young people by terrorists is continued.

However, the calls were fall on deaf ears as Daesh fighters roam freely without any fear in different districts of Nangarhar. The provincial administration including the governor cannot go to the insecure districts such as Achin.  Passengers traveling on the Kabul-Nangarhar highway are always caught by the fear of abduction.

Instead of taming the beast of insecurity the provincial government is acting like a lame duck. Fearing for their lives the residents have asked the governor for establishment of security posts in the insecure areas of the province to quell insurgency. The government has launched multiple military operations against anti-state elements but had limited effects. After the military operations when the armed forces leave the areas, militants return back to make life of the dwellers miserable. The areas where Daesh pose threats remained out of the scope. The multinational terror group, having headquarters in Iraq, has sprouted recently but grown like a mushroom and is spreading like a parasite. It seems the insurgents are moving in a circle to avoid complete elimination. Without breaking the circle it will be difficult to eliminate these terrorist and militant groups. Anti-government forces in the province should not be allowed to escape the ire of security forces and return back after the operations.

Apparently, improved security is becoming a wild goose chase. The rapidly growing insecurity is annoying citizens but calm in the power corridors indicate that the officials are neither disappointed by their performance nor insecurity is a major challenge for them. Despite the fact that the Taliban insurgents are no more in power, people are still caught in the cobweb of security-related challenges. Daesh has captured the scene but the Nangarhar governor is clueless on how to root out the terror group.

Therefore, a multifaceted security plan should be carved out to confront Daesh at the budding stage and prevent it from nourishing. First, the authorities should launch crackdown against supporters of Daesh and pound out its shelters and training centers in the province. Second, large-scale operations against militants of all creeds should be launched. Third, the provincial government should support the anti-militants militia groups. Last but not least, public should be encouraged to take weapons against those who are challenging writ of the government.

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