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Insecurity mars anti-violence programs for women: MoWA

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Insecurity is the main factor to impede the anti-violence programs for women, deputy women’s affairs minister said.

Ministry of Women’s Affairs on Sunday, while marking the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”

“The ministry is unable to run anti-violence programs in those remote districts where security is not stable,” Spoghmai Wardak said at a gathering to mark the ‘international day for the elimination of violence against women’.

She said that 600 violence cases were recorded against women in the first quarter of this year across the country.

Wardak added that the ministry works hard to record violence cases in a database.

Currently, violence cases are recorded by attorney offices, human rights organizations and women’s affairs ministry, which is impossible to provide an exact figure, thus the ministry struggle to make a database.

“I sell pens, pencils and notebooks on the street from morning till evening to earn money and afford my family expenditure,” said Mahnaz, a 27 year-old woman vender in Kabul.

She said that this is around two years that my husband suffered from cancer, thus I must work and provide food to my sick husband as well as to my two children.

She said that often I nocked governmental organs door to get a better job in order to support my family in a better situation, but no organs listened to my voice.

Although I don’t believe to such symbolic celebration, but came here once again to seek help from women’s ministry, she said.

According to reports beside old taboos, poverty is one the other main factors behind violence against women, thus it is required of women’s ministry to work over running of programs to empower women instead of marking and celebration.

It is pertained to mention that millions of dollar has been spent over various projects through different organs to eliminate violence, but unfortunately not only violence decreased, but new cases with more cruelty were recorded in different provinces particularly in remote areas. Still different violence such as honor, killing, beating, burning, sexual assault, eloping and other cases of harassments occur against women across the country.

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