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Insensibility on the part of rulers touching its peak

Shamim Shahid

The sit in protest of Janikhel tribesmen along with dead body of tribal notable entered 10th consecutive day on Wednesday and so far no one either from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or federal government made an attempt to console the protesters. Failure on the part of government could be considered worst example of “insensibility” in global history. 

The Janikhel sit in protest is not new but besides a similar protest in second half of previous March arranged on same site. Likewise, early in January this year the Shiat Hazara community arranged similar sit in protest for around nine days along with dead bodies of at least 11 persons killed by militants in Machh area. And these Shia protesters have forced occupants of high ranking offices in Rawalpindi-Islamabad to reach in Quetta amidst chilly cold and surrender to their demands. 

However, the trend of sit in protest along with dead bodies commenced in February 2013 when the furious Shia Muslim Hazaras, due to lacking of safety and protection on the part of local and national forces, in the face of repeated attacks, arranged a sit in protest along with scores of dead bodies on Alamdar Road at Quetta in February 2013 last. All these killed people were part of those around 89 killed and over 169 other injured in a bomb explosion at a most busy market in Quetta. It was considered huge attack – the second this year – was carried out allegedly by militants allegedly associated with hard liners Sunni groups. At the first ever sit in protest along with dead bodies, as many as 4,000 women began a sit-in in Quetta, which has attracted attentions from all over the world. 

No one can disagree that Quetta’s Shia Hazara and Pushtoons from all over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa especially from volatile tribal regions, bordering with Pak Afghan border are the major victims of terrorism and extremism-first introduced with declaration of Jihad by US led allies against the invading USSR troops and further intensified in the wake of 9/11 tragedy in US. Both the battles lead by US from the soil of Afghanistan. However, these so called trends of terrors or wars has badly affected people from both Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan. 

The US lead allies war from the soil of Afghanistan has introduced new trends and techniques, mostly focused on “sponsoring, financing, dictating and monitoring Proxy Wars.” And almost militants-now engaged in terrorism and extremism in both Khyber Pakghtunkhwa and Baluchistan are products of that Proxy Wars.

 The Khyber Pakhtubnkhwa government had signed an eight-point agreement with Janikhel tribesmen on March 28th 2021 last. Through first clause of the agreement, the government assured ensuring complete peace and security to tribesmen and expulsion of all militants from the area. And now Janikhel tribesmen are demanding nothing else compliance of that agreement. These tribesmen prompted to go for sit in protest along with dead body after second act of target killing by mysterious and masked by known armed militants who are “mysteriously” helped to shelter in the area. And such armed, mysterious and masked militants have shot dead Malik Naseeb Khan who was signatory to March 28th agreement. But none of the top level minister, advisor or any other have not yet made any attempt to realise their responsibilities regarding compliance of the agreement or to visit and assure the protesting tribesmen. Such type of protests are going un noticed, which may be harmful to the image of the country at global level. Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Mahmood Khan needs to realise their prime constitutional responsibilities at this crucial stage by approaching and consoling the protesting tribesmen without any further delay.

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